October 1, 2022

The 5 Top Best Bizarre Phones of All the Time

Trendy Bizarre phones have basically converged into number one shapes with common supplies. It hasn’t always been this manner, although. There were a few truly uncommon layout and overall performance selections thru the years. Let’s test out a number of the weirdest.

The 5 Top Best Bizarre Phones of All the Time

5 Most Bizarre Phones

Like in our list of the ugliest telephones of all time, maximum of the phones in this list are pretty outdated. The begin of the mobileular telecellsmartphone duration observed organizations taking masses of risks and absolutely everyone became trying to decide what people needed. That caused a few big hits and some main “what were they considering?” moments. Get delight from.

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Microsoft Kin

“Weird” doesn’t always mean “dangerous,” however it truely moreover doesn’t mean the machine became successful. The Microsoft Kin became a strange machine with a few very eye-catching standards. In the end, it didn’t sell very effectively, however it truely became surely bizarre.

The Kin became released at a weird time. It became right in advance than Microsoft decided to head all-in with Windows Phone 7. The customer interface at the Kin has similar vibes to what could sooner or later extrade into Home home windows Telephone, but this wasn’t a telecellsmartphone. It became a truly small—and cute—function telecellsmartphone with a slide-out keyboard.

Sadly, the cute-ness didn’t matter. The Kin—which became sincerely some of completely unique fashions—became specifically useless on arrival.

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Motorola Backflip

There are masses of strategies to area a physical keyboard on a phone. You likely can turn it, slide it, or even swivel it. Motorola took the flipping concept and used it in a truly uncommon method, with the keyboard at the once more of the bizarre phones.

A traditional turn telecellsmartphone has the keyboard fold to meet the show screen, every blanketed internal whilst closed. The Motorola Backflip had the keyboard in the back of the display and you’d turn it beforehand to have the keyboard below the display.

I agree with there’s a cause why no unique telecellsmartphone has performed this. Why have the keyboard out on a normal foundation like that? It’s in no way blanketed and your palms are always touching it whilst you preserve the telecellsmartphone. Motorola’s Flipout became a extra concept.


Some bizarre standards are actually exact standards. The Yotaphone attempted to get to the bottom of an problem in a truly unique method. LCD and LED indicates consume up masses of battery. What you probable have a low-electricity display which you could use for clean duties?

The Yotaphone had indicates: On the entrance, an average full-shadeation telecellsmartphone display at the entrance. On the once more, an e-ink show consisting of you’d find out on a Kindle or different eReader. The concept became you will keep strength thru the usage of the e-ink display. It became sincerely a fairly cool concept, however it truely in no way surely stuck on.

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Toshiba G450

You’re looking at the photo of the Toshiba telecellsmartphone above. I in all chance don’t need to permit you to realize why this may be a unusual telecellsmartphone, but I’ll anyway. What’s occurring proper here?

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The amount buttons and display are spread out at some point of 3 round sections and the complete machine is the shape of a contacts case. It’s an incredibly strange-searching telecellsmartphone. I’m nice it’s very comfortable to carry, however it truely virtually seems weird. Futuristic in an unpleasant method.

Siemens Xelibri 6

Seimens had a whole line of phones under the “Xelibri” version in 2004. Essentially the maximum bizarre of the bunch became the Xelebri 6. Think approximately creating a telecellsmartphone out of a make-up compact. That’s exactly what this telecellsmartphone is.

It opens with a literal replicate on one facet, with a small display inside the center. The amount buttons were spread out in an array throughout the coronary heart of the underside. And on top of all of it’s far the tiny navigation pad and bold gold coloration.

Of all the phones in this list, the Siemens Xelibri 6 is basically the maximum bizarre because of it became specifically designed to be that method. Some phones discover your self being weird on accident, but Seimens became mainly doing for one component very completely unique, and it succeeded.

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